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Welcome back!

Have you been out of work for a while? Are you looking to change that? We can help!

Maybe you’ve devoted many years to bringing up the kids, or maybe you’ve taken a sabbatical to travel the world. Whatever the reason, if you are jumping back on the career ladder and are looking for a new job, you may face a number of unforeseen issues. After all, the speed at which the market is changing has markedly accelerated in recent years. This means that the things businesses are looking for have also changed profoundly along with the underlying conditions of the market. APS Personal is here to help you get back into working life – with advice, training and job opportunities.

Challenges Facing Those Rejoining the Labour Market

Digitisation has automated many work processes. Monotonous paperwork and manual calculations are no longer required. Because of this, those looking to rejoin the labour market will need to hone their computer skills. Even when it comes to simple activities, being well-versed in word processing and email programs are now considered basic requirements for many jobs. Computers and machines have now taken over a number of jobs as well. While this does present challenges for those rejoining the labour market, it also presents opportunities since many jobs now offer more variety.

Less Monotony, Better Service

Service is gaining in importance in the world of work. The focus here is on advising existing and potential customers on an ongoing basis, especially in the retail and service sectors. APS is well-versed in the realities of the market, and is there to offer you valuable support as you get back into work. Many jobs now require you to work in an interconnected, efficient and flexible way. Personal skills have an increased role to play, as do technical or specialist qualifications. APS is there to help support you in brushing up for your job hunt.


APS: THE Partner for People Rejoining the Labour Market


As a recruitment agency, we can provide you with a multitude of job opportunities across different sectors. We advise those looking to re-enter the labour market in terms of their options for training and development, the application process and setting a salary range – not to mention helping you find the perfect job for you. Take advantage of our expertise to gain a foothold in the world of work as you re-enter the workforce, and a create a solid foundation for your professional future. Your APS advisor is looking forward to getting to know you.



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