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Labour migration

Austria Has a Lot to Offer

Located right at the heart of the European Union, Austria is one of the world’s richest and most liveable industrialised nations. Austria is a dream destination for job seekers around the world. Austria’s westernmost state, Vorarlberg, is home to countless industrial firms and global market leaders, and borders Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Many Germans have found happiness in Austria, both in their personal and professional lives. Germans make up the largest group of immigrants. Some 18,000 Germans emigrated to Austria in 2010 alone. By 2015, this number was 105,000. Whether you go it alone or with family, emigrating is nearly always a time of great uncertainty. But it’s important to keep your eye out for job opportunities as a top priority. The German Federal Statistical Office has compiled statistics that highlight the fact that close destinations are especially popular when emigrating. Austria and Switzerland occupy the top two places. Those looking to move abroad will discover that it’s easy to relocate to Austria, and the process is largely devoid of any red tape. Because Germans don’t need to learn a second language, they can dive right in to life in Austria as soon as they arrive. The cultural differences are not all that difficult to deal with either. Probably the biggest attraction of emigrating to the Alpine Republic is the situation of its labour market and its favourable economic climate.

Opening Doors to Life Abroad

Have you decided to go abroad to find a new job? Be prepared to face new challenges, including a bit of social reorientation. But rest assured; APS doesn’t just help you find work. It also helps you find a place to live. APS Personal focuses on work migration and knows the ins and outs of the Austrian market. We are able to advise you on any work-related questions you may have and are here to assist you with visits to the authorities. We help you find language courses and take care of the application process. Have we piqued your interest? Are you ready to take your first steps towards your new career in the Austrian job market? Then give us a call and let one of our advisors help – together, we can find the perfect solution for what you have planned!



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