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More than experience


Expertise and experience. Those are just two qualities that connect potential employers with over-50 employees. No longer relegated to the scrap heap; demographic change has forced the business world to rethink hiring the over-50 crowd. Retail and industry are increasingly facing a lack of specialist workers. This is the case for many European states, and for Austria in particular. Here’s where you come in. Make a big impression with your expertise and experience, with a healthy dollop of motivation on top.

Whether they’re looking for executives or white-collar workers, one thing in particular stands out to employers: a sense of responsibility.

And as part of the over-50 generation, you can make your mark, too. As someone with many years of job experience, you know what you’re doing: something that could give you a crucial advantage over younger applicants. Young professionals in particular take longer to get to grips with the growing demands placed on them by the labour market. Your professional experience is without doubt of mutual benefit for both you and potential employers, specifically your knowledge of understanding processes within a business and how to productively execute them. It’s not uncommon for employers to value the social skills older employees possess as well since they tend to be better developed. After all, you automatically gain experience in dealing with people as you get older, putting you ahead of younger applicants. Not to mention that this particular skill is invaluable to you in bringing that crucial advantage to your communications. Shrewd businesspeople know just how valuable this is.

The Over-50 Generation

These are all sound reasons to hire older employees. But there are still more reasons, including many that are often wrongly considered secondary. If you are part of the over-50 generation, you’re no stranger to this. Female applicants in particular will have finished with their personal plans by this age. The advantage this poses to businesses is that they can dispense with the qualifying periods HR often needs to put in place for younger employees.

Diversity Management

Are you familiar with diversity management? This successful concept originated in the US. When putting teams together in the workplace, this diversity includes integrating different cultural groups, age brackets and genders. A balanced mix of employees is conducive to successful outcomes, particularly for businesses where business relationships or customer contact are paramount. The over-50 generation once again has the upper hand here thanks to their experience and expertise.

APS: Your Recruitment Agency

We at APS Personal are well acquainted with the advantages older employees have to offer and have been for a very long time. Our knowledge and contacts are there to benefit you. For years, one of focal points has been recruiting older workers. We have a wealth of experience and expertise with this demographic, all the while maintaining a weather eye on the current requirements of the labour market. If you’re interested in learning more about your career options, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a career change or if you’re currently unemployed: Our experienced labour market experts are here to help and advise you, and look forward to getting to know you. We specialise in working with you as an individual, with special focus placed on your strengths. Book your appointment today!



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