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APS Personal is a full-service provider covering all aspects of HR services. We have a clear and detailed understanding of the challenges of the job market. We would be delighted to take on the work of finding, selecting, reviewing and placing candidates for permanent positions in all fields and sectors.

Seven steps to finding expert staff

Step 1

We compile a job advertisement based on your needs and wishes. The requirements profile includes both the professional (hard skills) and the social (soft skills) competencies needed for the open position.

Step 2

No stone is left unturned in the search for suitable candidates: In addition to making use of our internal database of applicants, we also have access to job advertisements in newspapers and online, the Austrian job centre (AMS), private employment agencies as well as direct contacts.

Step 3

We analyse and screen the application documents and pre-select candidates based on their professional competencies (hard skills).

Step 4

We conduct interviews with potential candidates, during which we focus mainly on their social competencies (soft skills).

Step 5

The documents and interviews are evaluated and the number of candidates reduced to two or three.

Step 6

We present the suitable candidates to you and give you a detailed explanation of the results of our pre-selection. You then decide with whom you would like to conduct further interviews.

Step 7

Following extensive discussion, you make the decision regarding which candidate(s) you would like to hire. We would, of course, be happy to advise you on this decision.



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